Tuesdays Likileake Alleged Groping at Terror Attack


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This Likileake talks about alleged Groping at a terror attack?


703491-boston-marathon-explosionsGroping at a terror attack: At the recent Boston Marathon terror attack it appears at least one of the men lifting and carrying injured women from the street to the nearest ambulance had other thoughts on his mind than being a Good Samaritan.

One woman said although she appreciates the man helping her to the emergency vehicle she says he tucked his hand under her left breast the whole while he was carrying her.

Can this be true?  In a time of mass hysteria and confusion can there be someone out there so sick that they would take advantage of the situation to be able to touch a woman’s breast while pretending to help her?

Let’s hope that the lady that told this story is mistaken and that the man simply didn’t want to drop her and was hanging on to her the best way he could come up with under a very difficult situation.

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  1. This man would have to be a sick, sick man to do that. Some women, sorry to say, are paranoid .
    I believe it is like you said, he was trying to Hold on to her the best he could. God Bless all involved.