Mondays Likileake Is All About What You Hear


If you have a local radio station that you think would be interested in broadcasting the daily Likileakes then send us the information and we will be sure to contact them.

This Likileake Says If you can hear it you can download it?


features-ears-1If you can hear it you can download it: I just love it when people tell me they are going to put their music on the Internet but fix it up so no one can download it.  If your music is on the Internet anywhere or anyplace, and can be heard coming through your speakers, it can be downloaded.  There is software easily available that will download your music with or without your permission.  This also goes for videos. 

If you are concerned about someone downloading your creations without paying you, then I suggest you keep it off the Internet.  The commercials that were played during the recent Super bowl were actually available a week before they aired at various sites on the Internet. 

People with the right software could go and download those commercials before the public ever even saw them.  There is always someone out there that can “Crack” a file.  For those of you not familiar with that term it basically means copy or pirate the file. 

What gets me about the manufacturer of the most popular program used for illegal downloading is the fact that they own a record label.  Their biggest complaint is people downloading their music without paying for it.  For the sake of a few dollars to purchase their program, they gave away any future digital download sales.  Isn’t that the same as killing the goose that laid the golden egg?

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