Wonderful Friendships Made: Sounds Of Distinction


Dear readers, many times before writing my column I think of the wonderful friendships we have made in the music industry – Rhon and Bob Scheuerman


I see many friends over the years that are featured here, have columns and read this site every day. Also the excellent charts, music , worldwide news, tips for the day, jokes and lots more on his site.

Please visit daily, or when time allows you to.  Feel free to email Frans, as he can help your career…. whisnews21@aol.com, he is multi-talented and people from around the world come to his site.

I am including today “days of the week”, that have wonderful words written by Godly authors that are respected worldwide. I find their words and the scripture they quote a blessing , and hope you do too. Rhon

SOUNDS of DISTINCTION Author : Delores Taylor

musicsheetPAUL, says that is better to speak five words that people can understand than to speak volumes that they can not comprehend. What good is a flute, harp or trumpet unless they play the notes written on the score? But when each player plays the notes written for his or her instrument, the result is beautiful harmony.


Paul adds that if the trumpet does not give a clear sound, men will not know to prepare for battle. How interesting that Paul mentions both types of instruments. The flute and harp are soft, melodic instruments. Some people are like that –so gentle, kind comforting and calming. But there is also a need in God’s musical ensemble for a trumpeter to warn us of his approach.


When the “notes” are sounding clear, the unbeliever who comes into our Christian gatherings, will be convicted of his sin, and his heart will be laid open to the Word of God. Another lost one will have joined God’s family. May he help us to live according to the notes in the “Book.”

VERSE FOR THE DAY: 1 Corinthians 13:5

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