Sangoma Found Cooking SA Farmer’s Body Parts

humanfleshonstoveThis Is What We Have To Put Up With In South Africa, I cannot Find A picture Of the 82 year old Jan Van Wyk the person Mokoena was cooking, anywhere.

sangomamurdererBloemfontein – A sangoma from Lesotho was caught cooking the body parts of a murdered farmer in boiling water when he was arrested.

This transpired at the trial of Moeketsi Hopolong Mokoena, 34, in the Free State High Court on Monday, reported Volksblad.

Mokoena stands accused of murdering Jan van Wyk, 82, from the farm Jakkalsfontein in 2009.

Court documents showed that some of his body parts were found in a pan in his farmhouse where Mokoena was busy cooking them.

Murder spree

Mokoena allegedly started his murderous rampage on the evening of 30 March 2009, killing Basie Venter, 65, after arriving on the farm Biesiesvlei asking for food.

While Venter’s wife was busy making him something to eat, she heard dogs barking and saw Mokoena hitting her husband with an iron rod. He then ran away.

Security guards searching for Mokoena the following day were told to go to Van Wyk’s farm, which was about 5km away.

When the guards arrived on the farm, they found Mokoena on the stoep, wearing only a shirt and underpants. His legs were covered in blood. He ran into the house and closed the door.

He attacked the guards, but they managed to overpower him and tie him up.

Van Wyk’s badly mutilated body was found in the living room, and body parts in a pan in the kitchen.

A year after the murders, Mokoena was declared a patient of the president’s  (in need of psychiatric help). The State now argues that he has been successfully treated and can stand trial.

On Monday, the judge postponed the trial to 22 April.

 – News24

Below is a Comment we found on the internet regarding the above horrific incident, thought it would make interesting reading:

Posted byat8:40 PM South Africa: Sangoma found cooking farmer’s body parts

 How delightful!

Another case of Black African culture to be celebrated. Come on over to South Africa liberals! Step on up and get you some of that Black culture you have held up to the world as proof of what the Black man is capable of.A Sangoma (witch doctor) from Lesotho was caught cooking the body parts of a murdered White farmer in boiling water in 2009 in Bloemfontein, South Africa. I’m pretty sure the family of the deceased farmer must be extremely traumatised and so our thoughts are with them at this time.

This is just another typical example of what the Whites in South Africa – and especially the White Farmers- have to live with on a daily basis. This inherent savagery and barbarianism from the African Blacks. I challenge anyone who thinks it’s racist to say so to go and live a day as a farmer in South Africa. A job which is the MOST dangerous job in the entire world based on the murder statistics.

South African farmers live in constant fear for their lives. They know what has happened to other farmers – the torture, the rapes, the terrifying deaths. Some dragged behind their cars for miles; some made to watch as their children are killed in front of them, and then having to wait for death to come to them. The truth of what is happening to the farmers in South Africa is horrendous – too extreme to publish in most cases. Burned and tortured with hot irons; hot oil poured down their throats; limbs cut off while they’re alive; disemboweled and raped while still alive; children drowned in boiling water. The horror goes on and on and the world LOOKS AWAY. Cowards.

As the saying goes: You want to know the truth?? You can’t handle the truth!

And that is the fair-dinkum truth.

Hat tip: Chris S

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  1. It was a white country before the western communists sanctioned us and the communists in South Africa sold out all the white people to the savages. And dont even say that it was a black country before we got here, as most of the land was just vast open areas. The British stole our sovereign white lands and combined it in with all their black stolen land. We Boer people bought the original Boer states. We still have the land rights and deeds to the original Boer states. No no matter what the propaganda says, it is Boer land and not black land. As the wheel turns, we may be out now for now, but we are not down. God will eventually destroy all the most evil cultures in the world, the South African blacks are the most evil beings on earth at the moment and he will not let it go un punished. Just look through history. God creates and also destroys evil. Whites pray everyday for peace and the blacks just destroy, murder, rape, prostitution and even black men raping men. They should remember Sodom and Gomorra. GOD doesnt sleep

    • While good people sleep Warren, evil will prevail. God did not intend for us to rely 100% on him for he have us freewill, and if we don’t help ourselves how can we even expect God to help us. We cannot sit back and let God sort out our mess, God will help those of us who help ourselves. All we can hope for is for good people to stop sleeping and stop expecting God to fix everything. He is watching us and most of our people are sitting back and looking the other way but Every chance they get they are saying God will delivery us. It is kind of pathetic but it seems to be the truth. Just think about this, if the Boer’s who were at BloodRiver all prayed to God to give them victory over the massive Zulu army on the night before attack, and then went to bed not preparing for the battle and just going about their normal business and believing they don’t have to worry, God will save them. How would that have worked out for the Boers in the lager? They would all have died blaming God for not helping them. So you see we have do our bit too, whatever that may be, we cant just sit back and expect God to do it all. I thank you for your comment and maybe your thoughts will wake somebody up somewhere, while they are still having a good time.

  2. And how did the white farmer/Boer find themselves in the midst of “Black African Culture” to begin with?

  3. I can not believe that some ppl think one must turn the other cheek when brutally totured, raped or murdered! Hillarious! My question to these ppl are, are u willing to turn the other cheek if it was URSELF, UR CHILDREN or a family member getting brutally murdered?! I bet NOT! Get a damn grip! These are peoples lifes! Ppl wth feelings! Babies! Children! Bloody hell!!

  4. Stop believing in the god fairytale. If there was a god he would not allowed this and so many other things.

    • “Just me” you are a child of the propaganda machine, it is not God doing the killing and all the other things you are blaming God for, it is the free will of man that is evil. Do you really think God must stop this, you throw blame around so easily when you can blame God instead of the demons who are doing the killing. Just think about it clearly perhaps then your anger will be directed at the real culprits and not at our God. You are welcome here and your comments are appreciated thanks.

  5. I stand and believe in my own way . Blacks must be defeated and it should be made clear to them that they cannot do what we as white people do ! I always had many black and coloured friends and i was never a racist person . I did not grow up in that time so why should it be affecting me ??? This is why i have grown to have a different mind set . I cannot get a job because im white , i cannot get grants cuz im white ( not that i want it ) , i cannot get a free lil house built for me cuz im white !! I am getting sick and tired of being mistreated by blacks and sometimes even being looked at like i’m a piece of meat ! So here’s what i think , whites should stand together and take back whats left of what used to be a growing and beautiful country. Where there was less crime and it was safe to play in the street at 7 pm with friends . There are some decent black people i know but their race is making their name GAT!!*

  6. we condemn it all but because we are children of our God and say that hatred will not help resolve the problems our God will deal with that, revenge is not for us, He will deal with it. sometimes that is very difficult and we need His strength and prayer for that

    • Hi Stephan you have a good point but God does not expect us to let the devil or our enemies kill or Fathers and then turn the other cheek and let them also kill our Mothers. God says we must love our Brother as we do ourselves, but God makes it very clear to me that my Brother is not my enemy and if my brother wants to hurt me I will turn my other cheek but if my enemy wants to hurt me I will have no cheek to turn for him. We must make sure we understand who is our brother and who is our enemy. This is just my opinion but I believe it to be the way it should be. Thanks for commenting you are always very welcome here.

  7. Very sad for the family , but this is truth…that’s why being a white African is hard enough but many don’t realize a white farmer or Boer is more hazardous and dangerous then being a soldier in Afghanistan.
    A great documentary I recently watched on net flixs
    “Mugabe and the White African ” it transpires in South Africas neighboring country called Zimbabwe formerly called Rhodesia. Great country Who along with south Africa put some major defeats on cuban and russian troops …but the documentary was amazing watching Mr. Campbell and family with just there faith in god stand against a dictator that is more dangerous then many know….if you have not watched please do inspiring martin luther king he uses a non violent approach and even forgives his oppressors

    • Ed you are a good man and I respect you very much, and your comments are most welcome here. I will try and find this documentary and watch it. I am a little disappointed that he forgives his oppressor as that is exactly why mugabe gets away with Genocide and the same goes for South Africa. I will never forgive the demons who murder white people as though they are dogs. I myself cannot do anything about it as I am not a violent person, however i will not forgive them for doing the devils work. I feel confident that these demons are not my brothers so no cheek needs to be turned.