Marvell Shouts Out For All To Hear “I’m Mad As Hell!!”


James Marvell Shouts Out For All To Hear:  I’m Mad as HELL!!

I Just did an interview with DJ Jimmy Jay who lives on the East Coast of the United States and dedicated my song “Embrace The World This Christmas” written by Scheuerman and Harmon to the hurting folks and children in Conneticut.

Jesus warned that kids should not be Harmed! Mark 9:42

After seeing the evils breaking out of the Connecticut school I just had to say that this awful shooting makes me realize that we should never have kicked God out of schools. We should ban every movie that uses God’s Name in Vain and we should realize that The Lord is what Christmas is all about. Not gifts, drinking, parties or perversions. Jesus Christ is the only hope for the entire world..The only hope! Our troubles are spiritual and seeing the evil in the world makes me understand the bible has told the truth! Yes, seeing this happening to children has made me… Mad as HELL!!

Please pray for Sandy Hook Connecticut and children around the world.

Here is a short Christmas video I recently taped with a five-year old girl.


 WHISNews21 shares America’s sadness for this loss, you must stand firm now as you have never before, your whole existence, as all Christians of this world, is at stake here. As if you fall we will all fall with you.  

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  1. Is there a list of Movies, Listed that have God Name in vain, In it script. List them if Known, Then pass around and hurt the credit rattings. I will start . Pawn Stars, Ike played by mageme PI. Can’t spell or remember his Name. Then post this list to all who would pass on. Ma by we can make a deferences.

  2. Satan decieves the whole world (Rev. 12:9).. It’s very simple but the world doesn’t want to admit it. Using God’s Name in vain in every movie among other evils is definately not a good thing. We need Jesus Christ but won’t mention Him in the news when tragedy hits. Brian Williams and other news people should have a bible in their hand when they report the news but that probably sounds stupid to most. Until they do they will always end these kind of horrific stories with, “I just can’t understand Why?”

    Frans, I appreciate you allowing this message in your news. Thanks!

    • James I realize that I am losing visitors because of some of my articles, but the truth is I do not notice them as everyday more and more people visit and read the news on WHISNews21. That’s just the way it is, thankfully.

    • i agree with everything you wrote here (and in your article) as well as what Rhonnie & DJ Frans wrote. I, too,
      am stunned, disheartened and like you, angry .. with what happened yesterday in CT!! It will continue unless
      we allow God back in schools, government and in all aspects of our lives. On a more positive note, I want to
      say how much I enjoyed the video of you singing Feliz Navidad with the little girl. Sooo touching! Praying for
      all those children and/or other family members were taken in this terrible tragedy.

  3. Thanks Frans for your statement above, and support of trying to get God back where he belongs. Your statement is right on target. I feel that James Marvell has every right to be mad, as all Christians should be , we must stand up for Jesus, as I can feel Jesus crying for the children and all those hurt or killed during this unbelievable tragedy. I feel blessed that James has dedicated our song to the children. Bob and I have watched T.V. & seeing the horrific tragedy of events after this shooting, and our hearts are breaking for all involved. Rhon

    • the biggest tragedy here is that because most Americans are making fun of God, it is going to happen again. No matter how much we wish things like this wont happen, the Youth are growing up without God. WHERE THERE IS NO GOD, THERE IS NO REAL COMPASSION, NO RULES AND NO MORALS. This can plainly be seen in the actions of the current USA President, as everything the Bible stands for is offensive to the him and he has convinced the majority of the people of that too. It is however not just an American thing it just as bad here, the world is changing and we are at risk of being persecuted in our own countries sooner than we think. I believe the Christian is his own biggest enemy as he sits back and leaves everything up to God to fix, and when God, in his opinion, does nothing he turns against God. God has given us free will and in my opinion Free Will means we need to keep ourselves free.