New Mosque A Symbol: SA President Zuma Says

South African President Opens the biggest Mosque in the Southern Hemisphere, one of Hundreds in South Africa


Johannesburg – The construction of a new mosque, the largest in the southern hemisphere, is symbolic of growing relations between South Africa and Turkey, President Jacob Zuma said on Thursday.
“We’re happy about this development because it builds on the diplomatic and economic relationship with Turkey.” The mosque was built by Turkish businessman Orhan Celik.
President Zuma had this to say “The mosque completes our effort to advance our values of religious harmony as approved by our Constitution,” Zuma said.He was speaking at the opening of the Nizamiye Complex.
The official opening was attended by Gauteng premier Nomvula Mokonyane, Economic Development Minister Ebrahim Patel, and a trade delegation from Turkey, which included that country’s minister of economic development.There were also hundreds of people from South Africa’s Muslim and Turkish communities.
Growing trade relations
The mosque includes a clinic, bazaar, sports and recreation facilities, and a school.
Patel said it was the largest mosque in the southern hemisphere and the largest religious education complex in the country.
Zuma said trade relations between South Africa and Turkey had been continually growing since relations formed with the advent of democracy.
South Africa’s exports to Turkey increase by 20% to R3.5bn in the past year.
Imports had increased by 78% to R3.6bn in 2011 from the previous year.


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  1. Today I read this article after I read an article on the Australian Minister, saying if you are not Christian and don’t like the Christian beliefs of the Australian people you may practice your right to leave the country. I suppose it is the same here for all Christians now. Who is really behind the genocide in RSA?

    • Marius, I have no concrete proof as to who could be behind the killing of the whites and in particular the Boervolk, but I am pretty sure it may be a policy of people in charge, and I say this only because the South African government has not, and seems has never done anything to stop the genocide, which they deny is happening in the first place. So if they don’t have any intentions to stop it, it can only mean that they are happy with the killings and that is perhaps the reason they simply say it is just criminals that commit these horrendous and violent murders. I think the SA government believes if they just keep on saying it is just petty crime and robberies then the world will eventually believe that too. What will happen to us all, I don’t know, but Genocide in SA is a reality?

  2. i thought south africa was a religious country whatarethe turkish buildingmosques in southafrica for?

    • John people like me, who have to live in a country where we are being murdered on our farms, in our homes or pretty much everywhere, more violently than any other place on this planet today, are Christians. The purpose of this article is not in support of the ANC governments policies, but to make the world aware of how South Africa is changing. I have to be careful how I word this, as freedom is just a word, that is used to make us believe we are free. But to answer your question clearly, South Africa proclaims to be Christian but does not follow Christian policies, and for the record I again confirm, that I am Christian.