Bradford Files: Can I Fax It To You ? What!!!

An associate of mine recently called from Florida in a panic.  He had just received his art work proofs from the pressing plant on a project and it needed several corrections.  He called the company with his concerns and they immediately assured him to simply e-mail the corrections and they would re-do the art work and re-send it for approval.  His reply was, “Can I fax it to you?”  No was the answer because they don’t have a fax machine.  I found this odd since I have had a fax machine for 20 some years now.  The key is 20 some years ago I purchased the machine.  There are far more companies that do not have a fax machine than does have one.  Then I got to thinking about our radio station.  We still have a cassette machine hooked up but yet the biggest radio stations in the world do not have a cassette machine in the building.  But here is the most ironic part to this whole story.  When I was on tour with the late Kitty Wells we carried a 12″ LP into the radio station where she was to be interviewed.  The DJ quickly gasped and told us he didn’t have a turntable and wanted to know if we had it on a cassette.  That same station now only accepts MP3 submissions for airplay.  I guess this is all in the name of progress.  I still like my fax machine and some of my favorite music is still on cassettes.  I guess they will go with me to my grave along with all the other out-dated gadjets I own.
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