Bradford Files: In Or Out Just Keep On Talking

I once heard Grand Ole Opry star Bill Anderson say, “I talked my way into the music business and sang my way out of it.”  Sometimes I feel like I should have been the one that said that.  I got lucky enough to land a job singing demos early in my music career and actually ended up doing over 500 of them.  In more recent years I have made the majority of my earnings by talking.  It seems like my speaking voice rather than my singing voice is more in demand.  The newest service we are offering which is Music Audio Books has got me busier talking than ever.  I initially thought each person wanting to have an audio book produced would want to tell their story themselves.  It turns out more and more of the clients I contact prefer to have me narrate their story for them.  I love doing it and I wish I could stay busy doing it for a long long time.  If this is how I will remain in the music business then I say let the talking begin.
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