South Africa Now Slaughter House For White People

Please Pray For All Of Us!

I want to ask you to take one minute of your time, right now where you are, to close your eyes and pray. Please pray for us in South Africa, pray that God will shorten this time for us, and that it will all be over soon. Since Last week, there has been a wave of murders on white South Africans. Why would we expect anything less, for the black people have threatened for a while now that they would do exactly what they are doing now! This beautiful country, that once had dreams of being a Rainbow Nation, has all crashed into a heap of lies, murders and corruption. The worst of all is that the white people in South Africa have to pay the price at any cost. The price is steep. It costs them their lives, their families’ lives and their children. This situation is all becoming unbearable for us. Please we need prayers. We need people that can start to take a stand for what is going on in this new so-called democratic South Africa. The true story is not getting out there; please help us to spread the word. Never stop praying. Thank You

This is what is happening in South Africa right now:


Shot In Stomach took almost 2 hours to die

Attack on Family Shock: Alyssa Botha (13), her Father Anton (51) and older sister Megan (17) was ambushed outside their home in Muldersdrift, Johannesburg.
The attackers were waiting for them, as soon as they stopped at their home, and the girls started off loading their bags, the perpetrators started shooting on them. The Mom, screams as she sees what happens.
Mrs Botha, who was watching through the window as her family was being shot at, was screaming in terror. Alyssa was shot in the abdomen, her sister shot in both her legs and their father in the abdomen. Alyssa was critical, and although paramedics were trying to save, her, their two-hour effort was unsuccessful.
The Residents of Muldersdrift are understandably upset as they say that they feel they are under siege these days. There have been so many attacks, gunshots and thefts in the last few months, and it feels like they are living in a war zone.
Nicky Schimansky the Botha’s neighbour was first on the scene as soon as she heard Mrs Botha’ distressed screaming on the radio. ”It means they were there waiting.” They could see that the mother was alone in the house but they ignored her and went for Botha and the two girls. Who shoots a child? What kind of a threat did the children possess?” a shocked Schimansky asked.”

This is what is happening in South Africa right now:


Annemarie Birk (41) Throught Slit

Teacher (41) Killed in Her Home Day After Her Birthday:
A day after a school teacher, Annemarie Birk (41) from Ermelo celebrated her 41st birthday; her throat was slit in her home.
Annamarie had just closed the gate for her husband who went to work at about 7:15am, when her murderer(s) who were hiding on the property attacked her.
There seemed to be signs of a  fierce struggled whereupon she was stabbed five times in the stomach and her throat was slit.
She managed to phone her husband, after the murders left her for dead, but he could only hear her gurgle on the phone.
He rushed back home to find his wife dead in a pool of blood.
Nothing appeared to be stolen which leads us to believe that it was just another senseless hate crime
66-Year-Old Man Killed With His Own Shovel: A 66-Year-old man and his wife were attacked on their smallholdings in Brits the past week. The couple was attacked inside their home.
The man tried to fight them off, to protect his wife. She managed to lock herself in the bathroom. Afterwards she said that the men attacked her husband like a pack of dogs.
They dragged him to the sitting room, where they bashed him to death with his own shovel. They got away with weapons in a safe.
Women Shot Dead For a Handbag: Daleen Henning (51) was shot dead the past week in front of their business in Boksburg, Johannesburg. The black boys, tried to grab her handbag, but she to resisted them. They then shot her two times in the upper body. Grabbed her bag and ran to the nearest informal settlement across the street where they dissapeared between the homes.
Dalleen died in the street where she was shot for the contents of her handbag which apparantly had nothing valuable in it, but was found empty. In most countries where genocide is not in place the robbers would have grabbed the back and perhaps beaten the woman a little and run off. In South Africa the white must die. no matter what.

Why Would We Be Surprised In Anyway?

Why would we be surprised in anyway? The killings of our white people have been motivated since 1994 already. Even worse now with people like Julius Malema.
A Fan page dedicated to the previous ANCYL leader; does not make any secret’s  of the black people’s intent to kill white South Africans.
I quote from a comment “You f–ing white pigs. Malema is our leader. He will kill Zuma within the next 6 weeks,” Thato Mbateti wrote on the Facebook fan page, which had more than 12,000 supporters.
The alleged Malema supporter then went on to graphically call for the “taking back” of “stolen” land and the murder of Whites in South Africa.

Wanted in Connection With Recent Murders on White People!

“3000 farmers dead since ’94 … we lost more than that … we r far from being even … So kill da Boer, kill da farmer,” Thato Mbateti Mbateti wrote.
White People in South Africa in Danger
The ANC Government of South Africa is not interested in protecting white people.
This country has become a slaughterhouse, where white people’s blood is colouring the ground red.
The blood of innocent white South Africans are on the hands of the Government.

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    the children of Sems son Elam, have a complete creation story that makes a lot more sense. Earth before Adam was a wicked evil scary place inhabited by the fallen Jinn. A Jinn will shock any man on first sight .

  3. Hi if this is what is happening to you get out if you can.
    Cain was exiled to Nod home of Jinn and he married a Jinn. They are fallen angels very scary looking. Noah married the cainite Jinn Naamah and they had Ham a black monster. Ham in Hebrew means burnt he was burnt with Jinn DNA. All blacks come from him they are Hamites or Burntites. You can see the Jinn in the faces of some Of them. Left unchecked they will revert into cannibal fairy Jinn worship, sounds like they are heading back there.

    • Very interesting Pete, thank you for your explanation. As for people like me and a million others we do not have the money to get out. Even if we get on a plane and fly to America, Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Canada or some countries in Europe without money they will send us straight back to South Africa. The governments of all the countries I love don’t want me and my family as they are friendly and in sympathetic to the very same South African government who has implemented Genocide on us. Even our friends oversees who believe it, cannot understand why it is not in the news at all. So I am stuck here, the best I can do is save enough for a short vacation to one of the countries on my list above, but I better have a return ticket or I wont get in anyway. Thanks for stopping by

      • I would fly to another country with a return ticket and not return . while I was doing read up on the name fraud what we all are under and educate yourself with this information you can stay in any God given earth you please. Start by reading Lose the name

  4. I really feel for the whites in Africa.The boere share the same blood with me(Dutch) Apartheid is the only international Dutch word, i’m proud of it. To end apartheid was a real crime against humanity.
    Everybody can see that blacks a primitive. In Holland a minority of 5% will the end off a tradition called “sinterklaas” they feel discriminated because of his assistend “zwarte piet(black piet). And our f**k**g gouvernment is bowing down for those rats. I know it is sh*t compared to the problems of the Boere.. We are the white race. I salute you. We shall overcome. We toke the world, everything was/is about us. We’ll be in charge again.

  5. This is nothing more than a media event that will be used to justify violence against South Africa’s indigenous people.

    • Oh Kelvon, you can wish as much as you want that will not happen. I hope that you are not implying that it is ok to kill whites but not blacks, as you are making up a story of your own here and not saying that you are against the slaughter of whites in South Africa. I hope that you are at peace and safe where you live as my doors are locked my windows are closed the burglar gate in front of my windows and doors is securely locked and I am going to sleep now. I will however have to keep a ear open for strange noises. Thanks for commenting.

    • When Jan van Riebeeck arrived at the Cape the only indigenous in “South Africa” were the Koi San [Bushman] – these invading indigenous from North Africa moved /migrated down from Northern Africa – they are still streaming down today from their war torn countries because they are all useless to run a country. SA was fantastic up to the start of the fall in 1994. Before 1994 – we had electricity and water and food and jobs and a strong country now it is hitting rock bottom with white genocide, major blackouts countrywide, water rations, no jobs for white men, terrible schooling, hospitals, medical, corruption from the top………hoping the tide will turn soon so we can uplift this country to its former glory. Kelvon – maybe you should come over to SA and see how long you last?

  6. I shudder at this horrific news! It’s so incredible that the government does nothing about it. All we
    can do is pray and I’ll definitely continue to do that. Thanks for keeping us posted. We can’t depend
    on the newspapers to inform us here in the USA. Keep the faith!! Blessings, Judy Welden

    • Hi Judy,
      So true. I wish America will help us to take a stand against the !@# in South Africa.
      U know what I mean._________ We can use the assistance

        • Only sad thing is that we don’t have money to go anywhere, most of us never had the privilege of going to college or university to engineer our lives the way we would have wanted it to be. What I find the saddest of all is that most people who think that they are proud South Africans are really British citizens living the good life in South Africa since 1901 right through the apartheid years, they created. It is not the white people you are talking about that are happy here it is the privileged that are happy. As for your full comment it was far too insulting and had no place here, but I am happy that you found the time to visit us, our doors are always open. Oh if you want to insult us please do it in a nice way and the maybe I will approve your comment Mr.Happy and Proud South African

    • Just to inform most of you that governments like even America are lame ducks,they know how to make war and throw peace out the window as peace does not generate a cash flow for there big war corporations.
      Best for all of us to start looking inside yourselves as there is the weapon they the govern fear of if we operate in peace and wisdom and understand who we really are.
      Government true meaning is mind control and they have the majority under there control.
      Please educate yourselves with some simple knowledge and yes if you are in danger leave by all means but gather this info and trust in yourself
      You will also help others by doing this Much love
      I am from an area they call CANADA,but like other countries it is a mere corporation traded on the New York stock exchange with a corporate flag as a trademark. Just like your legal name is only you carry around the corporate war flag around as you think you are a corporate citizen in that jurisdiction which is all fiction Alice in Wonderland.
      All things in legality is not reality and you are not a thing as they have you believe.
      Remove the vail they have on you and we can start restoring our true selves become peace loving men and women,