Open Season On Killings Whites in South Africa

Farm attack: Woman Dies For iPad, Laptop

Johannesburg – A 65-year-old woman was found murdered on her farm in Great Brak, near Mossel Bay, Western Cape police said on Sunday.
Police found the body of Ria Mills on Saturday night while responding to a call from friends she was supposed to meet for dinner, said Captain Malcolm Pojie.
Police arrived at her farm, Potsteel-Hoogte in Hamelkop, shortly before 20:00.
“The body of the deceased was found in the lounge with a gunshot wound to the neck. Police also confiscated a .38-Special revolver that was found on the scene.”
The gun would be sent for ballistic tests to determine its involvement in the murder.
Pojie said Mills’s iPad, laptop and her handbag were stolen.
He said preliminary investigations showed that the killers fled in Mills’s Chevrolet utility van, which was recovered on a footpath near the Wolwedans Dam on Sunday morning.
A post-mortem would be conducted during the week to determine the cause of death.

Please note as no pictures are available of Ria Mills at this time we used another picture from a previous farm murder, also of a defenceless Boer woman was used

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  1. This photo was found on Google it is shown on Google on various pages, however I will sort it out for you. The only thing is that if this was someone’s Mother and family member the world needs to know how we are being murdered, the quicker the world knows the better our chance that someone will put a stop to this kind of genocide. It is no use taking your anger out on me for trying to help the South African farmers, I am just trying to help here. Maybe I and everyone else should stop trying to bring these terrible murders of our Mother’s Daughters, Sons and Father’s to the world attention and just let them kill us one by one and forgive them and keep our mouths shut. Do you hate me more for adding a picture that is available freely on Google, than the ones that murdered this poor woman. My heart bleeds for her and I want the world to know how we are being butchered. My sympathies to you if you are related but I am not your enemy.

  2. Photograph obtained and placed without family’s consent. Total and illegal breach of privacy. Unethical. Please remove this photograph immediately.