Everyone’s Sorry Afterwards Why Never Before?

Kristen Stewart and director Rupert Sanders arrives at the “Snow White And The Huntsman at Westwood Village.

Everybody is always so sorry when they step out of line, and in this case it is Kristen Stewart who is sorry and Rupert Sanders who is equally sorry. Well I am also so very sorry, however I am sorry for Robert Pattinson and Liberty Ross they are the ones who have to step into the limelight, knowing what everybody is thinking. They are probably also wondering that if they accept the apology, all will go away and everything will be back to normal. Well I for one believe that everyone should be able to say sorry, as it is the right thing to do if you mean it. However the one that has been done wrong is the one that needs to forgive and forget. How will this end, I don’t know, we will have to see. I seem to remember Kristen had two men she was in love with in “Twilight”, but then that was only a movie ?

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