Bradford Files: No Cheese Please Just Burger

I seldom eat at fast food restaurants.  It is not because I am not tempted to eat the food but rather I seldom can tolerate the employees at those places.  Recently the sign out front of a hamburger chain said they were selling cheeseburgers for $1.00 and I immediately saw an opportunity to get lunch for a buck.  I told the young lady I would like a cheeseburger for the special price of $1.00 but without the cheese.  She said you can’t do that.  She said you can get a hamburger without cheese for $1.39.  She went on to explain that when she rings up the special for the day it tells the employees in the back to make up that order.  Substitutions are not allowed on specials.  So in other words it costs extra for no cheese.  Now I have grown accustomed to paying extra for cheese on my sandwich but in this case I had to pay extra to have it removed.  It was not the extra $.39 I was charged as much as the hypocrisy of the whole ordeal that got me.
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