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God’s timing is ALWAYS on target.  I listened to a sermon that touched me, and felt others needed to read part of a great message “SECOND WIND ON IT’S WAY”  Don’t be tempted in your life to quit, throw in the towel, stop believing in God & what he has in store for you *** It is easy to get weary, frustrated, confused … GOOD NEWS is. Faint Not—-Don’t Give up….this can apply to your passion of being an artist, songwriter, record label.  It can apply to feeling nothing can change to good, a marriage, raising a child that doesn’t listen, illness, money problems, loss of a job. 
It has been proven that …WHEN YOU ARE TIRED… your defenses are down, you don’t think logically, have hope, and
may want to say “nothing will change”.  Weariness leads to discouragement.  GET A SECOND WIND”
 Quit this attitude, turn your life around “Give it over to God”….he knows what you or your loved ones are going through !  God has armed you for the battle. I repeat “Get a Second Wind”.  Stop negative thoughts..they only
add fuel to the fire.  Are your dreams too small????  Wait
on the Lord Jesus with expectancy !
YES, take one day at a time.  Open up to God and let him
know you will “take one day at a time”  God will renew your
strength.   Worry weighs us down- it frustrates you. This
battle is taking time away from you , it won’t allow you to stay positive,  sometimes you need to let go, trust God !    When you are faced with greatest problems…. you are close to victory.
Time to get your fire and enthusiasm back.  God is preparing you for bigger things  Keep believing, feel God’s resurrection power.
YOU can do what you fear…. God is on the throne. Soar through life with Wings of Eagles. 
They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength,
they will mount up with “wings of eagles” they shall run and not be weary,
and they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah  : 40:31

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God is faithful! Rhon

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  1. This is so inspiring and a wonderful way to live and believe, Rhon. It can apply to what is going on
    in our country at this time also. We just need to have faith and ask God to see us through what ever
    is troubling us. Thanks for reminding us what we need to do! Blessings from above never cease, Judy Welden

    • Thanks so much Keith, appreciate your words greatly…your column always inspires me. Have a great weekend. Rhon