James Lee Stanley Californian Updates and Bills

Jello, Jello, I hope that this ginzu knife of an epistle finds you blossoming despite the heat, the economy, the government, the euro crisis, and whatever other levitating caca is coming at us these days, but I digress…
First the activities and then the concert dates…
If you are in California, please think about opposing a bill which would take away incentives and jobs for this all important fledgling industry—Solar Engery.
I just called our State Senator about AB2514, the bill which would hurt California consumers and roll back the solar industry– all at the hands of the big utilities who want to maintain their monopolies!
 You can call your state senators.  Email me if you don’t know who that is.
But wait, …there’s more…
As for me, I finally got my act together with regard to two CD’s that folks have been asking about for decades.
Both  Midnight Radio (1980) and Racing the Moon (1984) are  finally remastered for CD and available.   Amongst the guests on those two CD’s are Bonnie Raitt, Sheila Escovito, Robben Ford, and my usual zeitgeist renegades.
But wait, there’s more…
Fourth of July mid week this year is going to make all of this week pretty useless for business I guess—unless you sell picnic supplies.
Speaking of business and art, I have several solo dates coming up this month and here are the details:
James Lee Stanley Performance Dates
Saturday, July 14th (Bastille Day), 8 pm, $15.00
House Concert at the home of Russ & Julie Paris in Oak Park, CA (L.A.)   Email for reservations and information
“Russ & Julie’s House Concerts”     rsvp@houseconcerts.us
Friday, July 20th, 7 pm, $15.00 ($12.00 adv)
Wow at the Windmill in the Barnyard, Carmel California
3672 The Barnyard-under the Windmill but above Luganos.   Cozmik!
Call Kiki    831-235-7662       for questions about anything.
Saturday, July 21st 7:30 pm  Canyon Acoustic Society, Watsonville, CA
Up Close and Personal House Concert $20, limited seating
Sunday, July 228 pm, $15/$12 adv , Don Quixote’s, 6275 Hwy 9, Felton, CA
831 603 2294
The best sound system on the coast.   Good Mexican food too!
Also give a listen to KPIG on Sunday Morning, July 22 when I will be doing a few songs live for John Sandige’s delightful show Please Stand By.
But wait…there’s still more…
Somehow in the midst of all of this, I got a burst of inspiration.   You won’t believe how busy and creatively blessed I’ve been these past few months.   I really thought that I had done my last CD and that from here on out, I would just do single songs as they occurred to me.
Since January I have written over a dozen songs and I actually like them all.
They are all acoustic; gentle and easy to listen to, so my plan is to record a CD of just me, my guitar, Chad Watson on bass (he was on All Wood and Doors), and light percussion on  some of the songs.
This will be a dramatic departure from my last (and favorite CD), Backstage At The Resurrection, which included extensive background vocals and production.
On another front, I am still working on the musical.   I have most of it in the computer and have been mixing the songs.  I am also planning on writing little musical intros to the songs in the old Broadway tradtion.    Pamela Adamowich, (the official Beachwood Confidential cartoonist) has been finishing up the drawings for the book that would accompany the CD.   They look fantastic.
Life is getting more and more precious as time slips away.   I hope that I see you all sooner than later.
Your only friend,

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