Phil Mack Show Now On Wildhorse Entertainment

The latest Phil Mack International Country Show hosted by Phil Mack, Lisa Stanley and Glen Rogers is now available to view on Wildhorse Entertainment  starting right now. This week Phil, Lisa and Glen feature some of the latest and greatest Country artists video’s from all over the world including special features and highlights of the past Country week. Before we start featuring the current shows we are going to feature a few of the previous shows. Starting with this one recorded on the 5th of March this year, especially for our South African Viewers to catch up with their favorite number one line dance group “The Rodeo Girls”

THE PHIL MACK COUNTRY SHOW for the 5th of March 2012

Presented by Phil Mack, Lisa Stanley and Glen Rogers
As seen on SKY TV channel 201
The best Country Music Show on TV in Europe

Featured On The Show This Week

**Blake Shelton ** Linda Ronstadt ** Shunie Crampsey ** The Rodeo Girls **
** Whiskey River ** Danny o Leary ** The Beatles ** Nathan Carter **
** Mary Black ** The Heggarty Twins ** Merle Haggard **
** Toby Kieth **The Corrs **

The Phil Mack Show is presented by Wildhorse Entertainment

with the kind permission of Phil Mack.

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    • Yes Lientjie we here at Wildhorse Entertainment are proud to run Phil Mack’s Country Show and we hope to bring you all Phil Mack’s Shows in the future.

      • Frans, YOU are the best always making thing happen and thanks for all you are doing for us The Rodeo Girls. We watch The PHIL MACK COUNTRY SHOW on internet and it is NOT TO BE MISSED , lots of GREAT country artists “BEST music” and presenters. just wish we can have his show on our TV – sometimes the internet connections are not the best and by the time you are connected … you get cut off , wishing you all – ALL OVER THE WORLD a blessed evening and keep watching WHISnews and PHIL MACKs Country Shows x