Urgent Request For A Dear Friend James Allen

Dear DJ’s and artists worldwide it saddens me to inform you that my dear friend JAMES ALLEN, of James Allen Promotions will be off-line for a while. He is very ill and wants you all to know that he greatly appreciates all you have done for his artists. If you wish to contact him, he may from time to time be in a position to check his computer to read and answer some of his mails, and most importantly please pray for James. (jamesallenpromotions@gmail.com),
While James is going through this very difficult time, he has asked me to tell all his artists that they can send me one of their songs to send out. James is concerned and wants to keep your songs going strong, and I will be happy to help by sending them out for you.
So if you are an artist promoted by my friend James just send me the MP3 to rhonnies@aol.com  and mention you are promoted by James Allen.
James is one of the kindest and hardest working persons in the industry. Many thanks, Rhon/RhonBob Promotions
Rhonnie we at Wildhorse Entertainment join you in your concern for our mutual friend who is a Giant in this music business, in fact I will go as far as saying JAMES ALLEN is a Living Legend and we want to keep him that way. So we will join you in keeping James in our prayers and thank you for standing in for James while he is ill. 

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  1. Thank you Frans for reactiing so fast and for posting this important message. We do not need another hero – we already have one: James Allen, this multi-talented man with the giant size in music industry. James, let our love flow into your soul, your heart to help you to get well.

    Your friend Patty in Austria
    Radio St. Florian am Inn

  2. HOPE is only a small four letter word, James, some of us hold on to it selfishly perhaps, and others like me, hold on to it for you James.

    • Thank you dear Frans for posting my request, and for your beautiful response. If all reading it send up a prayer to God, miracles can take place for James. Bob and I join many praying and hope to see James uplifted and back where he belongs in the music industry. Reminds me of Psalm 96:12 …”Then all the trees of the forest will sing for joy”. Let us be positive and may the glory start as James loves what he does, and we all need him actively involved again.