Independent Superstar Lee Marcus Goes Reuben

WHISNews21 just wanted to let yall know that one of our Independent Superstars Lee Marcus  was recently asked to contribute to an article on Engine 145 honoring the 88th Birthday of Mr. Earl Scruggs. Please take a moment and check it out. If you would like, you can leave a comment and share your favorite Scruggs tune as well. Here is the link: 

Here is the article as published on Engine 145:

Earl Scruggs turns 88 today, so to celebrate the five-string legend—who is also a mighty fine guitar player and singer—we reached out to a few of the myriad banjo players he’s has influenced over the past sixty-plus years and asked them to select their favorite Scruggs tune.

Give a listen to the songs below while you check out the Tennessean‘s Scruggs photo gallery, and tell us: what’s your personal favorite Earl Scruggs song? This morning, mine is “Ground Speed.”

This was Independent Superstar Lee’s choice below:

Lee Marcus: My personal favorite Earl Scruggs tune is “Reuben.” It is one of the simplest, yet most soulful banjo instrumentals written thus far. And no one can play it with more soul than Mr. Scruggs.

Lee Marcus will have his very first hit song “Carolina Dreams” available on Wildhorse Entertainment for free download on the 1st of February. We are extremely proud to feature an artist of  Lee Marcus calibre a true professional instrumentalist.

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