Bradford Files: You Want An App With That?

Just about every human being on the planet has heard the phrase, “You want fries with that?”  Well now a day’s a new phrase has emerged.  “You want an app with that,” is heard over and over again.  I just saw on the news that they now have an app that allows you to find your cell phone if you lose it.  It is based on GPS technology and all you have to do is have a friend call your cell phone and your friend can give you the exact location of the lost phone.  And yes even if the lost stolen phone is in someone’s pocket!  Have you heard of the app that helps you find an app?  There is an app available for download that once it is up and running will help you find useful apps that you may want to have on your phone.  It is kind of an app directory.  Remember those ancient books that contained the yellow pages?  I just found out last week about an app that installs on your cell phone that is an 8 track recording studio.  You can purchase additional plug ins and sound effects that allow you to produce music that sounds like it was recorded in a million dollar recording studio.  There are movies on you tube right now that was shot on a cell phone.  I am not talking about performance videos taken at a concert but full length story line movies.  I guess the next thing coming is an app that will help you decide if you need an app.

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