Patty Patrick: Blue Car Revolution in France

New Project by Paris’ Mayor Bertrand Delano.

At the end of September 2011 Delano started a pilot project in Paris, France with 66 cars, and now there are 250 Bluecars available at 250 stations in Paris and the suburbs. By the end of May 2012 it should be 3000 electric cars at 1200 stations.

 Autolib is the new system similar to Velib (rent a bicycle) which had been started in Paris in 2007 successfully. To rent a car for a day, for one week or even for one year, a registration is necessary and a customer’s card (like credit card) is issued so that a car can be picked up at any time at any station. The stations look like a huge plastic egg and have a built-in recharge unit for electric cars which will keep the cars going for another 250 kilometres. Very good for the customer is also that a Bluecar can be picked up and returned at any of those stations, once the client is registered.


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