Bradford Files: Counts The Cost Of Ink

The Cost of Ink: About two months ago I had to replace my printer.  The old one refused to feed the paper properly each time I needed to print a document.  Luckily I found a very efficient new printer on sale for $89.00 and it came with ink included.  Yesterday I got the all too familiar prompt, “Black ink is low.”  I went on line and since I was going to order some black ink I thought I would just go ahead and order the other three cartridges at the same time.  The total cost came up to $79.00 just ten dollars short of what I paid for the printer to begin with.  I then proceeded to ask my associates if they experienced this problem and one CD duplicator told me that every time his printer runs out of ink, he throws it away.  He said it was cheaper for him to go out and buy a new printer that came with ink already than to buy ink replacements.  He went on to say he had thrown away 3 perfectly good printers in the last year.  I am glad that laundry detergent doesn’t fall into this same pricing.  Can you imagine having to throw away your socks every day because the cost of washing them would be higher than replacing them?

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