The Helmet That Saved JJ Strydom’s Life

On Friday 4 March 2011 JJ, was in a serious motorcycle accident which left him with a broken jaw, crushed nose, two broken cheekbones and a broken left arm. Strydom said after the accident “God was Great and helped me” It is alleged the driver of the car made a U Turn in the road when Strydom hit the car at 80km an hour, the impact was so great that the car rolled a few times and Strydom flew 5 meters in the air. Now seven month later, and dozens of operations Strydom has finally recovered from the accident and is looking forward to continuing with his music career. JJ has a #3 charted song on Wildhorse IDSS Country Top 30 Download chart titled ” I’m A City Slicker Couch Boy”

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  1. Howdy, finally I’m finished. No more specialists and operations. I am my old self again. God is Great. THanks for all the support, prayers, e-mails and phonecalls. May God Bless you all.

  2. Hi there, thanks for the newsletter. Yes, I’m nearly 100 %. Next Wednesday (14 Dec 2011) I will see the Prosthodontist for the last time. Nine months is a long time. God was great. I broke both my jaws, the lower jaw was crushed that there was no jaw left. Many operations and prayers and the end is near.

  3. Wow JJ thank goodness you had your crash helmet on it seems without it you would have been a goner. We at Wildhorse are really happy you made it through all of this. As this be your second chance please try to make the best of it, not everyone gets a second chance.