Luke Bryan American Idol Makes Me A Better Artist

Luke Bryan On ‘American Idol’: ‘It Makes Me A Better Artist’

American Idol is a new ballgame for Luke Bryan, but not only does he love being a judge, he also feels it’s making him a better artist and more well-rounded person. Speaking to Taste of Country and other media, Bryan is open about the fact that he enters opportunities like this “naively,” but sees it as a learning process.

Between being on the road and devoting a significant amount of time for for his Idol duties, the singer says it can take a toll on his personal life. “With Idol, it is a strain on our family unit,” he admits. “But the way you get through it is you communicate first.”

Bryan has a rock in his wife Caroline, who he says is observant yet self-assured. She takes a step back to look at a situation, gather information and work through it to ensure that the ventures Bryan is taking on are worthwhile — a process that helped his decision in accepting the Idol gig. “The big question was, ‘Am I going to enjoy it and love it?’ And here in the early stages, I’m having a blast with it,” he raves of the experience. “I’m loving every second of it.”

  – TasteOfCountry

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