Sugarland Hints at a Reunion…and Very, Very Soon!

Sugarland Hints at a Reunion…and Soon!

Get excited Sugarland fans are back together again and everything is “Still the Same”!

During the 51st Annual CMA Awards, Nettles and Bush shocked the country music world when they took the stage together, made a cryptic comment, and immediately reignited their joint social media accounts for award-winning duo Sugarland.

In the process of Sugarland’s social media accounts becoming active again, the pair continued to tease an uproarious fan base by using #StillTheSame.

What does this mean for those of us who have been longing for a Sugarland reunion? Well, first and foremost, our eyes are glued to the duo’s website and social media accounts, waiting to find out what this mysterious hashtag means. Our prediction is there a single is around the corner — we just aren’t quite sure when it will emerge.

What are your Sugarland predictions? New single? New album? Tour announcement? All of the above? Let us know!

– TheNashvilleGab

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