Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Break Up to Make Up

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Break Up to Make Up

In New ‘The Rest of Our Life’ Video

The Rest of Our Life will be available for purchase beginning November 17.

The best part about getting in a massive fight with the one you love? That moment when you two forget anything bad that’s been said to come back together for the ultimate romantic moment. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill may look like the perfect couple on the outside, but they admit to the flaws in their marriage throughout the music video for their latest single, “The Rest of Our Life.” As the two bicker with one another in slow motion while riding down back roads in the back seat of a limo, Hill makes a run for it in the pouring down rain to get away from the negativity.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqdaskhEa0I]

Although the video seems like the end of the road for McGraw and Hill, the treatment only pulls them closer together as they resolve their harsh argument with a simple cease-fire in the middle of a local warn-down restaurant. With the two soaked to the brim from the stormy weather, they laugh off any problems that troubled them before and McGraw proves his passion with a kiss on the hand for his beautiful wife.

“The Rest of Our Life” was penned by a handful of songwriters, including pop singer Ed Sheeran. What could be dubbed as somewhat of a wedding ballad, McGraw and Hill execute their balanced harmonies while looking toward their optimistic future with one another throughout the song. The track marks the second single off of the couple’s first-ever joint album, which happens to be named The Rest of Our Life. The album will feature 11 songs total, all of which will be duets by McGraw and Hill together.

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