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Keith Bradford Shares Funny story with Us

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When I was a very young boy either in the first or second grade, my parents had a ZENITH round screen black and white TV set. On the top of it sat the antenna or what everyone called the rabbit ears. We got a total of 3 channels and you had to stand up and adjust or move the rabbit ears every time you changed the channel in order to help clear up the fuzzy or snowy picture on the screen. My father insisted that if I didn’t quit moving the antenna that I was going to break it or mess it up where it wouldn’t work anymore.

One Saturday morning I was trying desperately to find the sweet spot with the rabbit ears in order to watch my favorite cartoon where I could at least see the picture somewhat clearly. For whatever reason that morning it never did clear up and so I switched it to a channel that was at least visible. It was a re-run of The Milton Berle Show from the previous weekend.

My father came storming into the room and screamed his lungs out at me. He said now you done it. You finally broke the TV. That show that is playing was on last week. I told you a thousand times to leave it alone. Of course I didn’t break anything and from that day on he came to enjoy the meaning of the word a re-run and often tuned into the Network re-runs if he missed the original broadcast.

By the way we kept that old TV set until the picture tube finally went out. In its final years we even learned how to wrap the rabbit ears with aluminum foil for even better reception.

– By Keith Bradford | WHISNews21

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  1. Frans these stories if some comes in can replace the likileakes on the show each week. it would be fun for the listeners and interesting dont you think?

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