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In Need This morning during the Christmas Season

The gift of small moments: Worth the Wait!

When my family and friends sat down to dinner last Christmas we tucked into a meal that had taken days to prepare.  Cookies had been baked.  Christmas platters had been cleaned.  Snacks dips, drinks  and the start of the show:  standing rib roast, my personal love language. The mad dash gave way to a beautiful set table.  I said to my wife, “Honey this should be in a magazine,” Grandma agreed.  We gathered round , gave thanks and dug  in.

Not thirty minutes latter, I pushed away, completely stuffed.  All that word was finished off in minutes.  “Days to prepare, minutes to eat,”  Josie, my daughter quipped. We smiled.

My thoughts traveled back to that first Christmas.  The birth of Jesus took  one day, but the pre launch  required all the countless eons of earth’s dateless past.  Because that’s how God, Who loves me, sets the table of His grace.

I looked at my son.  “You  know Mom went into labor for you on Christmas Eve,”I said, “but you wanted to wait for Christmas Day.”.  Jonathan smiled.  “Worth the wait right?’  My wife chimed in:” Ask again after  you clear the table.”Farther , it took an eternity to set the table for the gift of Your son.  May I abide in faith, trusting that all of Your gifts are worth the Wait. – Bill


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