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Author Patricia Pusey: You Will Lead Me Where I Need To Be


Last week the phone rang, and a good friend told me that my husband Bill’s and my names had come up.  A local troupe was looking for a couple to dace  the waltz  in a musical this week at our local center for the performing arts.

My heart soared because I love, love, love to dance and, wow to be onstage— what  a thrill!  there would be one rehearsal and then three nights of performance.   Plus, they would provide the costumes.

I told my friend I would talk to Bill and get back to her with our decision.  As I  I hung, I prayed, “Thank You, Lord, for it all , for make-up , smiles and twirling around the stage.”

Suddenly, though, a blip appeared, on my inner radar.  You can’t do it.  What if it snows and Bill has to plow?’ Who  would we find to stay with our daughter Brittany and mind the bed -and- breakfast while we are away late at night?

For a split second, before I realized that we had responsibilities that prevented us from being in the show, the thought of being a “celebrity” was magical.  But is was okay.  I loved being asked, and I know there will be other opportunities to “dance with the stars:.

When I keep my heart and my eyes on You Lord, You will lead me where I need to be…….. Patricia  Pusey


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