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Author Delores Leisner: “Heavens Music”

This appeared on ” Angel’s On Earth”


 One afternoon I volunteered to take a relative to the hospital, and hoped to wait in the car after dropping  her off at the holiday-decorated entrance- but it was too cold.  I shut the carols off on the radio an wiped the tears from my face before getting out.  What was Christmas music without a magic flute. My adult daughter, Laurie had died from a massive stroke just before Thanksgiving, and I couldn’t face another holiday without her smile, or her music.  Every Christmas Laurie arrived with her flute.  With her brother on bass and his wife on piano, the trio serenaded us.  I’d have no flute in my Christmas music this year.

At the hospital entrance a bearded man held the door open for me.  “How do you keep warm here in the winter???he asked . “I’m not used to this.”  We got talking, and I told him about my daughter.

He walked me to the empty waiting room, and I settled myself into one of the chairs.  “I think you need a song today,”he said, looking at me tenderly.  Then he reached into his long coat and pulled out a wooden flute, just like  the one Laurie used to own.  As he played a sweet tune, tears rolled down my cheeks .  Once he finished I reached into my purse to get a tissue.

When I looked up again the man was gone.  But Laurie  and her music were present to me once more.


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