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It Is a New Season

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation,

by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Philippians 4:6


As the summer has come  to an end, we are getting ready for a new season filled with new experiences. Perhaps we are off to college. A new year, with new professors, harder classes, and new roommates. Perhaps we are beginning high school. We are the fresh meat on campus. Or perhaps we are parents sending our children off to kindergarten. We might be starting a new job.Whatever new experience we are facing, anxiety usually comes with it. The anxiety causes us to worry about things that we do not have control over. What if the professor is challenging? What if he assigns too much homework? What if there is no one in our classes that we know? What if our child has a difficult time making friends on the first day? What if our new job is not what we were expecting? There is little we can do about these situations. Worrying is not going to help. Paul tells us to present our request to God. We are to give our worries to Him. God has the control. We are filled with sin and doubt, while God is filled with love and grace. We can find comfort in knowing that God who is all powerful and mighty has the control. There are many things that are uncertain in our lives, but we have the certainty of our future in Christ. We know that God sent His only son so that we may have eternal life. That is comforting to know during our time of worry. God wants us to give our worries to Him because He loves us and is in control. So let’s begin a new season casting our worries on God who is the one in control. Prayer

Heavenly Father,

thank You for giving us the certainty of our future in You.

Please help us to not be anxious for all the new experiences coming our way.

May You take any worry and fear that we have, and help us get through all that we are facing. Amen


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