Carrie Relaxing On The Beach with Hubby Mike Fisher

CarrieUnderwood016Carrie Underwood Beached Out with Hubby Mike Fisher


CarrieMike001Carrie Underwood Finally Gets That Relaxing Time on the Beach with Hubby Mike Fisher while relaxing on a beach vacation she said she so desperately needed.

Carrie took a break from her Storyteller tour this week and escaped to Mexico for a romantic getaway with husband Mike Fisher.

On Wednesday, the couple — who is set to celebrate their six-year wedding anniversary on Sunday — were spotted basking in the sun, taking a stroll on the beach, and dipping their feet into the ocean.

Carrie has also been taking to Instagram to share a couple of photos from her trip, including a snap of her cup of coffee, which she captioned, “Why does vacation coffee always taste so much better?

Yes, I just took a picture of my coffee…I’m one of those people.

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