Wyn Machon, “Let’s Get Proper Country Music Back”

WynMachon001 Wyn Machon, “Let’s Get Proper Country Music Back”

Huge crescendo of Drums Guitar played like highly strung wire fence Voice like someone’s being Castrated


Wyn Machon001AI have listened to around 30 or 40 songs this morning out of that lot I have saved 4 , I get sick of songs starting of with a huge crescendo of drums then a guitar being played like a highly strung wire fence and on top of that in comes a voice like someone is being castrated .

Bloody hell lets get proper country music back ,that other crap may be OK in a club where nobody is listening , but radio listeners like to hear the words from the singer not someone trying to bash a set of drums to bits

Well that’s my Wednesday thoughts sorted . Thought I better add I didn’t listen to thesongs all the way through, the openings are enough these days

 – Wyn Machon Facebook 2016

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