Music City Ghost: Coming To Terms “The Day After”

MCG His Gone Music City Ghost Coming To Terms With The Day After 

It’s 8am and Nashville and the world are going about their regular Wednesday morning tasks and I don’t have a story from the Music City Ghost to publish. We have had many email from people who are sad that he has hung up his boots and moved on. However we could not expect him to carry on with his quest forever. How would he live and how would he be able to survive in today’s world where money is most everyone’s God. He needs to pay his bills and he needs to eat. I know for a fact that while the Music City Ghost was out there gathering stories, watching and listening to the  wheeling and dealing going on in the music business, he was supporting himself without any help from anyone. There were very few people who even realized that he sacrificed his own livelihood to expose so many stories to the public. Well he has never asked me for a penny, to add his articles and he certainly would never have. So as we move on without our Daily fix of the Music City Ghost, I hope y’all can handle it, as I am having trouble with that big time, right here right now.

– WHISNews21

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  1. I think the music city ghost should gather a posse (lol. To help find a way to make it worth his time. 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶