MCG: Y’all Diggin Up Gold, No! Old CD’s and 8Tracks

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The Music City Ghost [File #46] 2015: Recently I spoke with a disabled veteran who was set up outside of a major chain drugstore with a table asking for donations.  He was giving away a CD with every donation to the veterans organization he was representing.  Most people walked right passed him as if he was invisable but a few threw a dollar or two into the bucket placed on the table.  When he said don’t forget your CD they said to keep it.  In other words this puts a whole new perspective on can’t even give them away.  The very precious few willing to part with a few bucks to help out the veterans didn’t even want the CD and said to just keep the donation.  My guess is the landfills are going to be overflowing with CD’s before too long since no one wants them.  Remember cassettes?  How about 8 track tapes?

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