MCG: Everything Good Or Bad Is Tested By Time

MCG On Broadway Thursday Only The Good Ideas Will Survive As Time Tests All Things

If The Old is seen as Bad, Just Know That when the New Becomes Old, It May Also Be Bad or even Worse

The Music City Ghost [File #43] 2015: There is a new service in the downtown Nashville area that has the taxi cab companies yelling at the top of their lungs to get it stopped.  It is called Joy Ride and it is a fleet of golf carts offering a transportation option for pedestrians in a unique way.  These small golf carts are everywhere you look downtown and very seldom do you see any of them empty.  The drivers appear to talk to everyone they see walking around and the taxi cab companies are losing thousands of dollars every day as a result of this newest invasion to their once dominated territory.  When the temperature is in the high 90’s with a heat index in the triple digits, a ride to your next attraction without having to wave down a taxi is a great option.  This will probably be a seasonal icon in Nashville.  I don’t think the open aired small vehicles will appeal to visitors and locals alike when it is snowing.  I have never driven a golf cart on icy road conditions but I can only suspect they will not do very well.  In the mean time as the city grows so does the way entrepreneurs get creative if they wish to snatch those dollars.  Some of you may even remember when Opryland USA was open there were water taxis that would transport you from downtown to Opryland theme park by way of the Cumberland River or vice versa from Opryland back to downtown.  No more Opryland and thus no more water taxi service needed.  I can’t wait to see the new batch of postcards that will be printed showing scenes of downtown Nashville filled with golf carts on the streets.  There are retirement resorts all over Florida where golf carts are the only allowed ground transportation vehicles.  Do you think a day will come when Lower Broadway will only allow pedestrian walking and golf carts?

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