MCG: Does Nashville Think It Don’t Need Its Country?

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Tuesday Does Nashville Think It Don’t Need Its Country?

Do Town Planners think more about building new Buildings than keeping Country Alive In Nashville ?

The Music City Ghost [File #36] 2015: Do you know what the difference is between a T shirt purchased in downtown Nashville verses the same shirt bought at a shopping mall 30 or 40 miles away?  The answer is the price.  The same shirt. made by the same manufacturer, with the same graphic design, and same size purchased in Nashville for $20 will cost you around $6 if you can resist the temptation of the impulse buy while visiting Nashville.  The same goes for a purchase of an Elvis Presley souvenir at Graceland in Memphis Tennessee verses the price you will pay for the same item in Alabama or anywhere else for that matter.  Somehow the mentality of it all is if a T shirt that says NASHVILLE on the front is bought in Nashville it is authentic.  If a Elvis souvenir is purchased at Graceland it is the real thing verses buying it elsewhere.  Why is it then that millions of people annually attend Country Music shows in Branson Missouri instead of Nashville.  Could it be because in order to get the real deal it is not available in Nashville anymore so they flock to where it is authentic?  Nashville may be booming and by the size of the buildings under construction, it is obvious this is a city experiencing huge growth.  Isn’t it ironic that the very thing that made Music City what it is today is being thrown out like dirty water?

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