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Will Music Row Be Renamed Music Floors With all the High Rises

How About a Nashville Themepark a replica of old Nashville as it was In Hanks Days?

Music Row Under Construction
Music Row Under Construction

The Music City Ghost [File #34] 2015: Anyone that has ever walked up and down Nashville’s Music Row knows that the world famous iconic landmarks consist mainly of 2 or 3 bedroom cottages that have been converted to music businesses of all sorts.  Recording studios, publishing companies, publicity firms, and artist management companies just to name a few are located in these drafty old houses that have little or no parking facilities.  There has been in recent years a few of these old shanty’s torn down and replaced with high rise buildings.  I for one am very happy to see these changes.  Instead of riding or walking up and down Music Row looking for a house that may or may not even have a sign on the building, you can now go to a specific building and in some cases find several companies you desire to conduct business with all in the same building.  I am not diminishing the fact that the boys that made the noise down on music row did it in little houses but rather am trying to give an insight of how much more improved Music Row will be with these new energy efficient buildings that have parking garages or at the very least a parking lot.  Nashville Tennessee is growing in every area of the city and the time has come to clean up and modernize Music Row.  The purists will tell me I am all wrong with this thinking and to leave that area in tact and we should preserve it’s ICONIC look forever.  That is their opinion and I have mine.  I say let’s move forward with the rest of the world instead of standing still and let’s get Music Row even more famous than it already is.  Anybody agree?

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