Mutilated Body of Retired Doctor Found on Farm

LouisJohnBotha001The Mutilated Body Of A Retired Doctor Found On His Farm In Limpopo

Louis-John Botha, 64, is the second farmer in the Waterberg district of Limpopo to be killed this year. 

Susan Kotze, 76, was also murdered on her farm near Lephalale in January.

According to the report, Botha had practised as a doctor in Swartwater for many years. He lived on the farm Gwelo Safaris about 12km from Swartwater. Limpopo police are not sure exactly how Botha was killed. Trackers and the canine unit are searching the area and looking for clues. Botha was alone at the lodge over the weekend while his girlfriend visited friends in Pretoria. She became concerned when she was not able to get hold of him on Sunday and called neighbours, who went to his house and noticed there had been a break-in. Blood was found on the porch and inside the double-storey thatch home. The safe had been opened and items were missing. Police were called and a search was launched. The body was only found on Monday morning, hidden about 200 metres from the house. Botha, who was divorced, leaves behind two daughters and an elderly mother. The family was too shocked to speak on Monday, his son-in-law said.

imagesFarm attacks

Meanwhile, national police commissioner Riah Phiyega denies there is an increase in Farm Murders. The police refuse to release official farm murder figures but keep records. AfriForum said there has been a gradual increase in farm attacks and farm murders across South Africa. – NEWS24


It is possible that the prophecy most believe originated from the Boer Prophet, “Siener van Rensburg” about the “Night Of The Long Knives’, is not really related to one night but a period of time? Could it really have meant, “The Era Of The Long Knives” or the “Time Of The Long Knives” As with the farmer above, he too was murdered with a “Long Knives” as have thousands upon thousands of others in South Africa’s since 1994.


A voice of disapproval towards the horrific farm attacks in South Africa over the past few year has recently sparked an unexpected outrage in the United States as more and more people are raising their voices objecting to the apparent Genocide against white people in South Africa. Recently a Country Rock Band out of the Unites States, “Tattoo Billy” wrote a song, “Tercias Veld” about the events of the, “Night Of The Long Knives” and posted it on YouTube. Tattoo Billy have already created quit a following in South Africa after their first CD release titled, “The Children Of Ham” both these video’s are in support of the victims of Farm Murders in South Africa – WHISNews21


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