Five Ways To Wake Up With Motivation ?

SleepingFive Ways To Wake Up With Motivation ?

It’s simple…  Without motivation, you won’t get success. PERIOD. It’s easily one of the most crucial things when it comes to success and hitting your goals. The problem is… How do you keep your drive alive? How do you not get burned out and quit? Well there’s actually a very specific things you can do to keeping your drive alive. And in this blog post I’m going to share with you 5 very specific steps to make you wake up with motivation. These 5 steps will allow you to crush your goals and punch success in the face. Sound good? Thought so…

Victory1. Have your biggest dreams & goals written on a massive white board

Having your goals and your dreams in an area where you constantly see them will help you out tremendously by keeping your eyes on the prize.  This will give you a constant reminder of why you must accomplish your goals and it will also allow you to keep focus.

2. Focus only on TODAY

It can be easy to get caught up thinking about the future or regretting the past when it comes to getting success, hitting your goals in life. Maybe right now your in a position that your not too happy about and you wish things were better. Well,  the most important thing you can do is focus on the present moment because that is all we have, is the now. Every single day your the result of what you did on the days prior. So if you turn that around you can change who you want to be, what you want to do based on deciding what you do today. What food are you putting into your mouth, what are you doing with your spare time, are you reading books, working on your projects, etc? By making a conscious effort on focusing on TODAY, after a week, a month, 6 months, a year.. the changes you’ll make will be huge. You’ll transform yourself into the person you want to be by focusing on the TODAY.

Smallvictories3. Celebrate the small victories.

Just like the title says, celebrate the small victories no matter what. You owe it to yourself, no matter how small the goal or victory is. This will keep the fire alive by forcing you to acknowledge all the progress you’ve been making with your goals. By rewarding your small victories it will help you find love and make you much happier with all the hard work you’ve been putting into each day.

4. Create an inspiring environment

Having a creative and inspiring environment will help keep the drive alive with motivation. This is where the magic happens, this is where you’ll be spending most of your time. Surrounding yourself with motivational images and quotes will keep your goals in check. But be careful because you’re going to want to keep your work area clean. Having clutter can clutter your thought process and it can also be a bit depressing.

reading-a-book5. Read Daily

It’s no secret that leaders are readers. Now, I’m not talking about reading fictional books… I’m talking about reading quality books that have an infinite amount of knowledge. Reading books with people who’ve gone through struggle and pain to obtain success will keep you motivated. It’ll keep you motivated because you’ll realize that many people before you had to deal with the same problems and road blocks that your currently experiencing. The best part about reading is… you’ll learn valuable lessons from these books and how people overcame their struggles to obtain success. And if you’re on a similar journey you can take that same information and apply it to your life and your goals.


There you have it my friend… You have 5 high effective ways of waking up motivated. If you have any other tips and tricks you can share that can help the readers at SuccessLab stay motivated. Let us know in the comment section below!


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  1. I think there are 6 ways….The 6th one is to read the Inspirational columns on WHISNews21 sent out daily frrom Rhonnie Scheuerman.