Bellamy Brothers 40th Anniversary On The Horizon

Bellamy-Brothers0140th anniversary on the horizon (2015), the legendary Bellamy Brothers

With their 40th anniversary on the horizon (2015), the legendary Bellamy Brothers are keeping the tour circuit red hot this year. In addition to their usual 150+ US concert dates, their 2014 tour stops include Sri Lanka, India, Brazil, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Australia and New Caledonia. The Brothers plan to release new music in conjunction with several of the international tour stops. Recording plans are already in the works for collaborations with Brazilian rock star Eduardo Araújo and Swiss rock sensation Gölä. Their first album with Gölä (BB&G: The Greatest Hits Sessions – released in 2010) debuted at No. 1 on the Swiss Music Chart and soon thereafter reached double-platinum sales. In addition, the Bellamys are planning for a three-song EP and music video currently scheduled for a late May / early June release. The EP and video will serve as a teaser for their 40th anniversary album which is set for a spring 2015 release. The two-disc set will feature 15 new songs and 15 No. 1 hits.

– International Fan Club Organization (IFCO)

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