Rhon’s Inspiration Station: As Our Children Leave


AS OUR CHILDREN LEAVE HOME and move on with their lives,

Father God protect and steady them in their faith.


AUTHOR:  Fay Angus Over the years I have come to realize how much we need to pray for our kids as they leave the protective covering  of home and church and move on to college, where frequently the faith and moral values with which they have been raised will be vigorously challenged.  I have watched a friend’s daughter grow from a gangly  teenager into a beautiful young woman.She aced her way through high school and earned a scholarship to a prestigious college.  Now, just over a year later, she was sitting at my kitchen table having a cup of tea. “I’ve dumped the faith.”  Her tone was defiant.  I raised  my eyebrows  and waited for her to continue.  “All that stuff they taught me in Sunday school…..I’ve chucked it …I don’t believe in God anymore. “Pity ,”  I said as I added tea to refill her cup. “What do you mean “pity?”  She was itching for an argument. Lord, give me the right words.  I thought of all the wonderful Sermons on faith  that I could fling at her, she knew them better than I did.  I decided all I could do is share from my heart.  “I don’t know how people get along without the Lord, without a higher power to Whom they can pray. ”  As I spoke, she was looking at me intently. “What would I do if a call came in to pray for a friend who was critically injured  in an accident, and there was no one to whom I could pray!    In the final moments before she died,  I held my mother in my arms.  “Mummy darling, don’t be afraid, you’re going from my arms into the arms of Jesus,”  I told her .  She gave a little smile and gasped her last breath.  What would I do if at the end of their lives, all I could say to my loved ones was ‘good-bye,”  without the hope of everlasting  Life? More and more I need the Lord.” “I hadn’t thought of that.?  She had tears in her eyes.  “I guess I need him too.”  We held hands and prayed

DR CHARLES STANLEYDeveloping a Tender Heart
Ezekiel 36:25-28The Lord wants to give each of us a “heart of flesh” so that we will be pliable and responsive to Him. When touched by the finger of God, a tender heart yields to the pressure and assumes the form He desires, much like a lump of clay that allows the potter to determine the shape of the vessel.To aid in this process, God has sent the Holy Spirit to indwell each believer and awaken responsiveness in him or her. By yielding to the Spirit’s promptings with ready obedience, the heart becomes increasingly tender and sensitive to His leading. The Lord is able to impart greater understanding of His Word to a soft heart because it has faithfully accepted and obeyed previous teachings.Any resistance to God will result in hardening. But those who are accustomed to intimacy with Christ—which is the result of submission to Him—will be quick to deal with sin and return to the place of obedience and blessing.People with tender hearts stay closely connected to the body of Christ, seeking to build up and encourage others in their walk of faith. Such individuals are not only receptive to what God wants to tell them; they are also teachable, in that they are willing to listen and be corrected by others.

This week when you read your Bible and pray, let your heart be soft toward the words of God. As He pokes His finger into each hard area, listen to His instructions, and rely on the Spirit’s power to help you yield and obey. Let Him shape you into a beautiful and useful vessel.


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