Here Is Your Next Mouse Are You Ready ?


Here Is Your Next Mouse Are You Ready ?

Your next mouse should be a Sandberg Wireless Laser Mouse Pro. Then you will have a great, attractive mouse at a really good price.

We have put a lot of emphasis on the details. The wireless connection is made via the USB dongle provided, which is so small that you can forget all about it once it’s in. We have paired the units at the factory so you just need to plug the dongle in and you’re away. So several mice of the same type can operate in the same building without any interference between them.

Click the DPI button on the top if you want to make the cursor move faster or slower. You will also find two buttons on the side of the mouse which perform the Forwards and Back functions in your Web browser. The scroll button can be used like any other scroll button, or you can click it down to scroll using the whole mouse.

The mouse uses laser technology, which means it works practically anywhere – even on a pair of jeans or a glass tabletop.

The mouse comes with a five-year warranty, but you probably won’t need it.

Sandberg A/S

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