Great Country Radio 2014 Award Corrections

gcrnlogoGreat Country Radio 2014 Award Announcements

Nashville, TN – It is official! The 2014 award announcements have officially come marking 7 years of GCRnashville and GC Productions. This year, the awards where voted upon by the community via the GCRnashville website and certificates will be sent via email within a few days from today’s announcements. The awards, which were founded in 2008 by Michael Stevenson, founder of the National Independent Hall of Fame, founded these awards to recognize various independent artists for their great performances in these various categories. This year, the awards are:

  • Song of the Year: Lonlies Only Bar
  • Artist of the Year is Donna Cunningham with Coal Miner’s Daughter
  • Female Vocalist 2014: Judy Welden (Shop Till I Drop)
  • Male Vocalist 2014: Allen Karl (Rolling River)
  • Duet of the Year 2014: Allen Karl/Donna Cunningham (Jesus Heard Every Word)
  • Outstanding Performance: Sandra Lee Burdick
  • Songwriter of the Year: Joe Barfield
  • Promoter of the Year: Glory Train Records
  • Fred Leonard Memorial Award: Donna Cunningham
  • Hall of Fame Inductees:
  1. Marty Martel
  2. Judy Welden
  3. Keith Bradford

GCRnashville and GC Productions wants to say how proud of all these and the other artists they are. It is hard to recognize every artist every year, but all the fabulous artists deserve a great round of applause for their music and entertainment which they give us all the time. Also, GCRnashville wants to point out that this is the third year for the Fred Leonard Memorial Award which was founded in 2012 just 2 weeks after the death of the legendary Fred Leonard who left us with a standard and legacy that is to this day, unmatched. GCRnashville will be honoring Fred on January 23 2014 with a special Mike’s Mic Show that you will not want to miss out on.

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