ObamaCare's Uses Tax Dollars to Fund Abortion

National Council for Freedom and Enterprise
ObamaCare’s use of tax dollars to fund abortion is outright illegal.
It is a slap in the face to millions of pro-life supporters in America.
And on top of ObamaCare’s mandated employer funding of birth control, it is clear that Obama and his administration are at war with religious liberties.
Perhaps the only thing about ObamaCare to receive more press coverage than its botched rollout is its outright violations of our Constitutionally-protected religious liberty.
But with multiple court challenges from private companies and charities, conservatives can take heart that President Obama’s increasingly unpopular legislation is beginning to lose its tenuous legal footing.
You see, a recent ruling by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor has cast the future of the birth control mandate in doubt.
Justice Sotomayor’s December 31st ruling on behalf of several Catholic groups granted them temporary exemption from providing birth control for their employees.
It could also give stronger standing to challenges against taxpayer funding of abortions.
Even one of Obama’s own liberal appointees can see ObamaCare makes a mockery of the Constitution.
Your National Council for Freedom and Enterprise will continue to keep you updated on this potential turning point in the fight against ObamaCare’s assault on our religious freedoms.
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Eryn B
Political Director
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