Rhon's Inspiration Station: God's Active Presence

Dear readers I have included two wonderful messages from strong Christian leaders.  May God show you how much he loves you.  Rhon
“OH If I could take this big tummy and set it on a chair for just one hour,” sighed my eight month -pregnant
daughter “.  But  we both knew that she couldn’t.  That little life went with her wherever we went, day or night.
I though about that as I read this psalm today.  I believe this one of the most personal passages in all of Scripture   Psalm 139: 1-24.  It is psalm about God’s continual, active presence with me wherever I go, day or night.
Christ in me means that God knows everything about me.  He knows when I sit down and when I stand up
(Psalm 139:2).  He knows my name (Isaiah 43:1).  He knows my words completely, even before they are spoken (Psalm 139:4)  In fact he saw me when I was being formed in my mother’s womb .  He was there, knitting me together (Psalm 139″13-16 !  Indeed such knowledge is too wonderful, too lofty for any of us to fully comprehend (Psalm 139:6)
Not only did we learn about God’s eternal  presence with us every moment, but we also get a tiny glimpse into the absolute holiness of God and his unconditional   love for us.  We are reminded that God knows and understand us better than anyone else ever will.  His love for us is everlasting and personal.  St. Augustine said, “God loves each one of us as though there were only one of us to love.”  What a treasure this truth is.   Because of it, we can live in the certainty that his grace is sufficient for us today, regardless of our circumstances.
Just as my daughter could not set aside that little life she was carrying, not even for an hour, neither can we, who have received Jesus as Savior, ever be without  him .  We are  bonded together in love.  His Spirit is at work within us, making us more like Jesus with each passing day.  We are each an everlasting child of God.
The Path of Life 

Jeremiah 10:23-24
Life is like an untraveled trail with complex twists and turns. Appealing activities can be detours that lead to the quicksand of sin. And engaging philosophies may form side paths that end up in a mire of muddled thinking. Even the best route isn’t all sun-dappled meadows and quiet riverside lanes. We may at times have to journey over hard terrain or shadowed valleys. The only way to be sure we’re walking right is to follow one who knows the way perfectly.
God is the perfect, full-service Guide. No one can go wrong by keeping to the pathways He selects. Consider that He lovingly and intentionally created you for this time and this place. The Lord watches over your steps because He desires to see your purpose fulfilled and His plan come to fruition through you (Prov. 3:5-6). Therefore, He promises to counsel those who follow Him (Ps. 25:12). When God warns His children away from a tempting sidetrack, it is because He foresees the dangers that lurk on that road.
There’s a correlation between ignoring God’s guidance and ending up in trouble: the one who stumbles off course has trusted his own “sense of direction”—his emotions, desires, or personal version of morality. He’s been pursuing what feels good or looks right instead of seeking the Lord’s will.
God has mapped out the path before you. He is aware of every obstacle and miry pit, and He knows exactly which sidetracks will tempt you. What’s more, He has committed to walk beside you as a Guide and Comforter so that you never face the twists and turns of this life alone.

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