Cliff Ayers Music Carousel Radio Show 11am CST

Cliffayersradiologopage01Cliff Ayers Music Carousel Radio Show

Debuts on WHIR Wildhorse Internet Radio @ 11am this morning

Just click on the radio icon below to listen to this wonderful Music Carousel Radio show hosted by International Singing sensation “CLIFF AYERS” out of Nashville Tennessee. Today’s show features a lineup of mostly original songs sung by various artists including Cliff Ayers:

Cliff Ayers Music Carousel #4121

Cliff Ayers Music Carousel #4121

Forever Love – Cliff Ayers

Welcome Home to the Blues – Al Villaneuva

Tell Me Honestly – Celia Than

Teardrops In Heaven – Cliff Ayers

Family Love – Cliff Ayers

Maritimes Melody Germany – Freddy Quinn

True Freedom – Cliff Ayers

Life is a Dream – Cliff Ayers

Ain’t Nobody Like you – Margie Hartfield

Please Come and Get Your Memories – Michael Ray Townsend

First Christmas – Jamie Poteet

The Beginning is tomorrow – Cliff Ayers

I Wove a Dream for You – Cliff Ayers

Der Junge Von St. Pauli German – Freddy Quinn

Don’t Forget the Spring – Cliff Ayers

The Color of Christmas – Rick McGuire

Moon River – Cliff Ayers

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Hope you will join Cliff Ayers in a few moments with his very popular Music Carousel Radio Show on WHIR Wildhorse Internet Radio.

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