Serge Thoraval Creator of Beautiful Jewelry Line


Bonjour tout le monde … This morning I woke up and my mind was flooded with feelings and pictures of my first trip to Paris! Vacation highly unusual, instead of having urge to go and see the beautiful Eiffel Tower, the Mona Lisa or my favorite statue “Amore e Psyche” in the Louvre, Montmartre, Notre Dame and the artistic splendor offered by this fantastic city, I was obsessed by only one way …. “206 RUE LA FAYETTE”! And why?? I really wanted to visit the studio of SERGE THORAVAL! :-) For those who do not know him, is the creator of beautiful jewelry line which I love … It may seem strange because I am not going to talk about objects made of gold and precious materials, but simple pieces of silver which have the distinction of being engraved by hand … I can guarantee for you because I saw it with my own eyes: letter by letter with hammer in hand … written on his jewels are poems in Old French language or famous phrases that take on a unique
meaning ! Jewelery are simple, but always leave intrigued by their appearance the people who watch them (impossible to not notice them!) and leave speechless people who receive it as a gift! Personally I love the rings, in fact, these are part of my collection:
– “The kiss” that reads the poetry of Edmond Rostand A Baiser
– “Genesis” creation of the first day
Also bracelets and necklaces are spectacular!
They could represent a valuable Valentine’s Day gift for words of love engraved, but also a birthday gift for a friend dear to you because catalog is so vast.
The phenomenon Serge Thoraval is becoming increasingly popular, even kicked off the birth of so many other brands, including the one that I appreciate more INK , that unlike SERGE THORAVAL who produces a finished jewel, provides catalogs to make the customer create a totally customized jewel … take a look at the website
What do you think of these engraved jewelry??

Anello e bracciale genesi per uomo e donna



Anello bacio




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