Mr & Mrs Clueless Mail Arrives At Our Email Outpost

Yes I know that someone out there is going to say “They reversed the negative!!!”  NO THEY DID NOT!  Men look at your clothing and see which side your zipper fly is covered, look at your shirts or suits and see which side the button is on and which side the flap covers over.  Look at your ring had and which side is it that your wedding ring would be on.  Look at the Secret Service ID pin and it’s on the left lapel just exactly where it should be.  So, NO it is not a reversed negative.  I still remember my CSI photo training course!!!!


 It just gets better and better. You can’t make this stuff up.

  Somehow I can’t imagine even they are that stupid…………..and then again…………Mr. & Mrs. Clueless Just look at her face, I think it says it all. Contempt comes to minds …KEEP IN MIND THAT I DIDN’T TAKE THE PICTURE OR MAKE THE BELOW COMMENTS. I JUST FORWARD WHAT I THINK IS IMPORTANT.
Gotta be the dumbest fools to ever hold the office of President, anywhere. How embarrassing it is to have this as our President and first lady! But I guess, when you’ve never done the pledge of allegiance, you don’t know what to do!
Maybe it’s the Muslim way.
At first I thought the picture was reversed, but the wedding rings indicate that it’s right, as do the buttons on his suit.
I am so embarrassed to know that this is our President. What have they done to us? He is our President until January 2016……..And This Is What The Country Voted For ??????
THANK YOU and God Bless America


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