Allen Karl Takes Country North Of The Border


(Nashville, TN-11.19.13)  Allen Karl, Donna Cunningham and Ann Wood brought traditional country music to our friends North of the Border on Oct. 26th in Belleville, Ontario.  The show was a super success with a great turn out of starved country music fans, and no doubt they will be heading north again as soon as they can set another date.
When Allen Karl brings his show to any venue, it is taken for granted that the only music that will be heard on the show will be pure traditional country music, and that is exactly what the great crowd got to experience with Allen, Donna, and Ann, each bringing their own style to the these starved fans for traditional country music.
Allen has put together this show because it represents what his fans expect of him, and he has surrounded himself with Donna Cunningham, who is also his duet partner, and his great friend and super entertainer, Ann Wood.  Together they present what country music is so much in need of.  All three artists were especially thrilled with their back-up band.  They commented that they were no doubt was one of the finest “country bands” that they had ever heard or had the privilege of working with.
Currently Allen and Donna are in Nashville putting the finishing touches to a group of new songs, including potential new releases as a duet, and songs for each of their next singles for radio in early 2014.  Century II Records continues to impress the country music industry with their consistent great music from their artists, and radio is showing their appreciation by playing the record labels artists music.  At this time Allen, Donna, and Bobby G. are experiencing great radio success with their new singles, and personal appearances always come from great radio records, and that is exactly what all three artists are enjoying.
Allen, Donna, Bobby G., and Ann Wood wish to sincerely thank all of the DJ’s worldwide for the great success they are enjoying on radio.  They also want their fans to know their support means so much to each of them and they hope this will continue as they work towards finding the best songs to record that will make the DJ’s continue to play their music, and for their fans to continue to request their songs, and make it a point to go and see them when they are playing concerts in their areas.
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