WET TV Top 20 Viewed Shows For October 2013

top20chartWetTv01The Official Wildhorse Entertainment Television WET TV Top 30 Chart Show

This is the way our viewers watched our shows during the month of October 2013. It is not possible to be certain if each viewer watched the whole show or not but it certainly means that these shows were the ones that were clicked and viewed the most

1 The Latest VideoPix Show #001 WET TV
2 Videos Of the Month “The Wish” by Rose Angelica
3 The Latest VideoPix Show #003 WET TV
4 Video Jukebox #001 WET TV
5 The Stars Of Tomorrow #005 WET TV
6 The Latest VideoPix Show #004 WET TV
7 Music City Explosion Inspirational Show
8 Guitar Shows: 100 Riffs A Brief History
9 The Likileakes Show #001Debutes On WET TV
10 The Likileakes Show #002 WET TV
11 The Likileakes Show #003 WET TV
12 The Troubadour Texas Show #004 WET TV
13 CMA Music Festival 2013 Full Concert on WET TV
14 Country Top20 Chart Show #001 WET TV
15 Gospel Music Compilation With Bill & Gloria Gaither
16 Grand Ole Opry Stars #007 WET TV
17 The Phil Mack Country Show #003 WET TV
18 Grand Ole Opry Stars #001 WET TV
19 Wildhorse VideoPix Productions #001
20 Black South African Criminals tell it like it is – WET TV

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