Scariest Cloud Formations Ever Photographed ?


Is this perhaps the latest technology being used to Manipulate Weather or is it just Natural?

Are these the scariest cloud formations ever photographed? Storm chaser captures breathtaking US ‘supercells’ on camera ? The foreboding phenomena were spotted in Texas, Kansas and Colorado – and observed from a safe distance. Menacing storm clouds gather over green fields and quiet roads, about to embark on a path of destruction. Like a spaceship hovering above the earth, the cylindrical formation spells trouble for anything in its wake. As it sinks closer to the earth, clouds of golden dust are kicked up beneath the gloom by the tornado’s rotating force.

It’s called Tornado Alley for a reason: The car and trees in this photo are dwarfed by the gigantic cloud.Storm chaser Marko Korosec, 31, was on an expedition in the USA for 26 days when he came across these cloud formations.Marko, a system administrator for road weather information, snapped the shots of the three storms in Tornado Alley in Texas, Kansas and Colorado. From a distance of 1km, he observed the scene for at least an hour at a time, saying the tornados ripped up trees and telephone wires on their journeys. The alley’s unique conditions mean tornados form frequently here.

Tornado02 Tornado03Sky’s the limit: This startling cloud mass completely dominates the sky above the fields.

By Daily Mail Reporter

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